Arxiu mensual: Juny de 2012

Two days in Ouessant

June was finishing and all the people started to leave. However, there are still plenty of things to do in “la Bretagne”. One of them, visiting the island of Ouessant. Lavi and I went on Friday and welcomed Andrea, Jerome … Continua llegint

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De mudança

Durant el juliol i l’agost viuré en un altre edifici. Avui he acabat la mudança i el que més mandra em feia era desmuntar tot el que hi havia penjat al suro. En el suro he anat penjant vàries coses … Continua llegint

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Some days back home

After six months out of Spain, I finally visited Barcelona for more than a week. I’ve always thought it’s not worth to use your holidays just to stay at home, so I tried to do as much as possible and … Continua llegint

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