Festival du Bout du monde

The first weekend of August was the Festival du Bout du Monde in Crozon. I heard some friends were going so I bought my tickets after seeing that Obrint Pas was going to be there.

This was the first music festival I was attending and, even when I didn’t sleep too much, it has been awesome. I’ve went with Amaia and Cris (two girls from Telecom Bretagne) but there I met other people I knew that were also going.

On Saturday we have been to both concerts of Obrint Pas (since there were three different stages, some of the groups were playing twice so people can hear to all the groups). In fact, I went to the concerts with some friends and the Catalan flag and stood at almost first line to feel the center of what we call “olla“, which is the chaos that a ska concert causes when people start to jump and push each other. At the end, the drummer threw his drumstick and I managed to catch it!

We’ve also seen Jimmy Cliff, but it seems that Charlie Winston (which we didn’t have time to see) was fantastic. I’ve been listening to these two groups lately and their music is really cool. After this, sleeping was difficult due to the weird schedule people have there. On guy was playing bongos until 7 in the morning!

But well, in the morning we woke up and had some milk and butter offered in the festival by the farmers of the area. In order to show the freshness of the milk, they had some cows there that some guys were milking. After this, we packed some things to go to a brunch organized by the people from CS, and we had a real good time both under the rain and under the sun.

During the rest of the day I’ve been wandering with the friends from Fouesnant, hearing a little bit of Salvatore Adamo (my father listened to him long time ago!), Xavier Rudd and some other groups I don’t remember.

Then we recovered forces for the big concert: Los de abajo, a ska group from Mexico. The concert was as intense as Obrint Pas, but with more people. Yet, we managed to remain in the middle of the chaos. After this, I listened a little bit to Asian Dub Foundation because they seemed cool but in fact I didn’t like them at all (it seems they had some technical problems).

The thing we want to forget (and yet I’m writing here) is when, before Los de abajo, Amaia, Cris and I went to leave our stuff in the car. We couldn’t find it! We were sure we had parked in the #11, but the car wasn’t there. After checking some of the surrounding parkings, we finally found it, not in the parking #11 but the number wasn’t too clear. It took us like 30 minutes of real suffering. I think this picture shows both the suffering for not finding the car and the release for finally finding it.

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