The highest point of “la Bretagne”

Bretagne is a really flat region, but still, the highest mountains can be found in Monts d’Arrée, with around 380 meters. Since the weather changed drastically we had to cancel the climbing plans, and I finally convinced Alison and Justine (from Fouesnant) to spend the weekend there.

Since we came from different cities, we had a meeting in Pleyben (it is read Plebén, rather than Pleiben, as Alison would remark while laughing at me). From there we headed to Brennilis, where we found a really small town, spread through different little communities. We had lunch in a worker restaurant, so you can imagine how much we did eat there. After this we found the energy museum closed (there is an old nuclear plant, transformed into a museum now) so we went to the Beaver’s museum. In there they have some explanations about beavers and then we visited a bog (la tourbière du Venec) and learned a lot about this curious source of fuel.

Right after this, the visit continued to visit a dam built by beavers, and kept learning about these cool yet unknown animals. The guide of the visit told us about some activity at night in an old church, a presentation about bats before going into the forest to try to find and see some of those nightly beasts. The presentation was difficult to follow because the speaker wasn’t facing properly the audience, but well, we had a good time there. We saw some bats, listened to them through some devices that converts their sound to audible frequencies and finally watched a short documentary about bats. After this we went back to the camping to sleep tight.

On Sunday we wanted (well, yes, I wanted) to visit the highest point of Bretagne. After some detours (the views are really awesome) we reached it. 384 meters high and less than 5 minutes walking. Not as impressive as it could be, but the sunny day boosted the sensations and the views.

After the vertigo (nah, I’m kidding) we headed to the Moulins de Kerouat, a little museum which has more than a dozen houses, witness of the way of life of breton people from 100-200 years ago. In there it is possible to walk through the little community while discovering how people was living there in the past.

The day was getting to an end, so we visited the church of Saint Michel (380 meters) to have our last glance to the region of Monts d’Arrée. After this, we went to Pleyben to split our roads and go back home.

I didn’t do any reference to the food there, but the first meal. Well, since we didn’t worry at all about the timetable, we found every shop mainly closed. So on Sunday we only had some fruit for lunch, while one boulangerie permitted us to eat a tasty Kouign Amann after such a frugal lunch.

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