Some more days in “la Bretagne”

After some weeks looking for it, I finally managed to get hired. Since we were starting on the 26th, I wanted to properly use the remaining spare days with some cool activities. Since the majority of my friends here in Barcelona do not have much time, I decided to go to France to visit again some of the people there.

Day 1:

My first idea was to get to Toulouse. There is a big amount of people going there by car daily, so I looked on covoiturage (the French car sharing website) and found one guy who was going to Toulouse on Thursday the 15th from Barcelona to Toulouse. Once there, I spent six hours wandering all by myself, waiting for some of the guys I met in TB to have dinner.


During my walk I discovered a cool museum about medicine, showing its evolution. The funnier thing is that there are some drawings about the look of people mentally ill, and one of such illnesses is “idiot”. Crazy people back then!

After having dinner and catching up with Mar, Nàdia, Lara, Vicente and Ander, I went to sleep at Ander’s. The day after I had a long trip waiting for me.

Day 2:

In short, I spent the whole day in the car going from Toulouse to Rennes. I arrived during the afternoon and went to have dinner with some of the people from TB who is living in Rennes now.

Day 3-5:

On Saturday Lavi and I went to Brest to meet more people. We visited the campus in order to climb for a while (in Spain it is not that easy to go climbing, so I needed it) and later went with Irène to a Fest-Noz in Landerneau. Uh, and I should mention we had crêpes for diner (prepared by the ladies), and we prepared a special one you can see below.



On Sunday the sailing team struck again. Thanks to Kevin we were able to sail with the POGO and again enjoyed a day at the sea. I will mention nothing about the spi issue.


Monday arrived and I had to go back to Rennes, but in the morning I visited my teacher and some people from the campus that weren’t there on Saturday.

Day 6:

Back again in Rennes, I decided to visit some of the outskirts of the city. I found some nice suburb and had a long and relaxing walk. There is a forest and a river, all really charming, and that gave me a better impression of what I thought Rennes was.

Rennes (1)

Rennes (2)

Day 7:

Back to my country by plane, but first I had to reach Nantes. Again, I used covoiturage and this time I found a really funny driver. He warned us about some district in Toulouse while telling us a pretty funny story. If you want to hear about it, don’t hesitate to ask me about it.

Once I arrived to Nantes, I barely had the time to reach the airport and go back home. It was the end of the trip, an intense yet relaxing way to say goodbye to some of the people I’ve been sharing lots of experiences in France.

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Una resposta a Some more days in “la Bretagne”

  1. lena ha dit:

    I love the pictures! Sounds like a nice journey!

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